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“You were amazing, can’t thank you enough! ❤️”

I first saw the awesome Ardgowan Estate during the Christmas three-part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s book ‘Ordeal by Innocence’. Oh it was good! Still on BBC Iplayer, for sure worth a watch. Needless to say I was super excited to shoot Rebecca and Alistair’s wedding in the same location. The venue has a lot of style and fabulous colour and architecture.

The day started with a drizzly summer haze, though, this was forgotten about when I met the excited bride and her team getting ready. Bridal prep is literally made for these sort of rooms: high windows, antique furniture = photography awesomeness!

The ceremony was on the lawn outside and was absolutely beautiful. Rebecca and Alistair were whisked away for some alone time afterward and the guests stayed outside, enjoying the weather. The gardens and the decor inside made it so easy to get some really smashing images. The lawn was full of guests messing about with each other and enjoying themselves which led to some perfect candid shots..

The first course was served outside; an impressive piece of Ibercio ham and cheese raclette. It was such a unique idea and the guests loved it! Everyone was then moved to the front of the marquee for the speeches and remaining courses of the meal. Between the last speech and dessert the last bit of sunshine came bursting through the clouds. Quick as a flash (after a quick toilet break!) we were in the next field getting some stunning images.

Slight hiccup during the first dance but Rebecca and Alistair styled it out. The band did a great job of getting everyone on the dance floor and keeping it filled!!

On another note my pal did ask if I saw any ghosts as it’s meant to be very haunted. Glad I didn’t know that at the time and happy to report I didn’t see any!!?

What a day it was, thanks Rebecca and Alistair for having me along as your photographer!!



P I C T U R E S   T O   L O O K   O U T   F O R 

Beautiful art and Sandwiches – Beautiful paintings and ASDA sandwiches, you have to just see it.

Grooms Dad’s at the Ceremony  – Thumbs up after the ceremony, Dad approves, everything good

Wide Garden Shot – String Quartet playing and the guest having fun, just a perfect wedding moment.

Dress Swish  – Rebecca swishing her dress at the top of the stairs.

Chap with Camera and Trews – Not seen a power lunge like this in a while, excellent work fella.

Venue  – Ardgowan Estate

Second Photographer – Juliebee Photography

Make Up – Complection Perfection

Hair – Zoe Dallachy

String Quartet – Capella String Quartet


SimonsStudio Wedding Photography Glasgow

If you love this blog feel free to give me a shout on my Contact Page