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“Lets face it how could you not like Simon.” “Everything you could wish for in a wedding photographer!”

Being a wedding photographer, you have to be a “people person” first and a photographer second.  Your wedding day is so personal, a moment to share with your close family and friends. The tears, the laughter, the memories all waiting to be captured.

I love what I do, can hardly call it work. I enjoy all the excitement and challenges that come with documenting a wedding.

I like to have the wedding move around me, to flow naturally, unobtrusively. However if you need me to be loud and move the crowds, I can do this in a flash (pun intended) . My approach does differ from wedding to wedding. I listen to what you would like me to shoot, the family sets ups, a particular couple, the distant relative or that one shot that you just must have.

However my style always stays the same. I look for the laughter and the moments other photographers do not see.

My goal, is for you to have the best day of your life, with images that reflect this.

Simon Says…”your story starts here”

A little bit about me.

Simon Lees -SimonsStudio Wedding Photographer

Love to travel with my partner Julia aka “Joolz”. I like to re watch seasons of shows like the American Office and Bob’s Burgers over and over again, (drives Joolz mad!). Mega peanut butter fan and lover of all things Apple.

I have always been involved with photography, with my parents being photographers let’s just say it runs in my genes!

Here is my commercial photography website if you would like a look, 

Packages and Prices

Please feel free to email me and ask for the PDF of my current prices. Give me lots of detail about your awesome wedding . Just use the contact page below. It would be great to hear from you!



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